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Protected areas and development in the four countries of the Lower Mekong River region

Examining approaches for integrating protected area management with socio-economic planning and development in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand and Vietnam.

The Review of Protected Areas and Development (PAD Review) examines the growing tensions between economic and conservation objectives in the four countries of the lower Mekong River region. It identifies the many development benefits flowing from protected areas and the need to reflect them in the plans and budgets of forestry, agriculture, energy, tourism, fisheries and other key economic sectors. The lessons of more than a decade of protected area management experience in the region are related to new and innovative approaches elsewhere in the world.


National Reports on Protected Areas and Development


(In English and Laotian)
(In English and Vietnamese)

Regional Report on Protected Areas and Development

Thematic maps of protected areas

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Lessons papers

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